1. nevver:

    The Edge of Light, Adam Ryder and Brian Rosa

    (Source: featureshoot.com)

  2. photographersdirectory:

    Hello! My name is Andreea, and I’m a hobbyist photographer from Romania. I have a Canon 450D, with a kit 18-55 that has only been working on MF for a while now, aaand a 55-250 IS.  I edit my stuff in Photoshop CS3, and I try to keep it to a minimum :)

    You can find a lot more photos of mine on my DeviantArt andFacebook Page. Have a lovely day!

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    Presented as part of our series Lensblr: Refocused

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    Országház w.i.p.

    Presented as part of our series Lensblr: Refocused


  9. Trying to sleep in the Vancouver summer heat because your res has no air conditioning



    extra points if your bedroom gets sunlight till 10PM.
    extra extra points if the high-rise res view is biting you back.

    -Campus Squirrel

  10. paintdeath:

    Clouds sculpture made of styrofoam cups by Tara Donovan

    (via vaginaprincess69)